Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Corsair H50 Compact Liquid Cooling Kit


The Corsair H50, I came across this cooler few days ago while surfing the web. The Corsair H50 liquid cooling kit is a compact pre-filled liquid cooling kit, it is very user friendly, easy to install and least maintenance required. I was messed around with mid high end DIY liquid cooling kits. It is true that they are hard to install, require some modding on the casing itself for big radiator installation, and they are lot of work during the maintenance job. It is regularly takes up few hours or even almost half a day just to get the water cooling loop properly setup, it would take almost a whole day inclusive leak test and hardware installation. Most people stay away from high end DIY liquid coolers due to reasons above.

Many thought that compact liquid cooling kit always lose to high end air cooling heat sink such as TRUE120, IFX14, etc, this in fact were true on those crappy thermaltake kit. However, with the Corsair H50, most reviews show that it can beat the high end air cooler.

I come across this video while surfing at Ianho's ( famous PC modder in Malaysia ) blog.

Its a funny video that Corsair name the air cooler Brand X, and it shows that the H50 do beat the high end TRUE air cooler.

Other than that, here are some reviews about the H50:

Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler Review from Bit tech.
Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler Review from Madshrimps.

In my opinion, a good compact liquid cooling kit such as the Corsair H50 or the CoolIt Domino ALC has the capabilities to beat high end air coolers if the radiator are properly located to intake fresh air instead of hot air inside the case. Take the Corsair's review in Bit Tech as example, setting up the fan at the radiator as intake yields better result than acting as system's exhaust. Besides that, the water block that are small in size provide empty spaces around the CPU area allowing user able to use ram cooler or Mosfet cooler around that area. Unlike high end coolers which is huge in size that restrict user to use other cooler around CPU area.

The Corsair H50 liquid cooling kit are now in retail market in Malaysia, you can get them at Moderno PC or CEX Computer or any retail shop that carry the product.


  1. Very good video made me take a second look at the Cooler.........Sgt

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