Monday, June 22, 2009

Project: Stacker Revamp Completed

Reuse my Cooler Master Stacker STC-T01 casing which sitting in my store room in quite a while.


Repaint the casing internals to black colour.
Cut the top panel of the casing to fit 3x120mm radiator.
Repaint the external to Gold + Black theme. ( Not yet final decision )
Mod the case to become more water cooling friendly case.

Cooler Master Stacker STC-T01

Water Cooling Components:

D-Tek Fuzion v2 with i7 bracket, Swiftech MCR-320QP, Danger Den CPX Pro Inline pump, Bitspower 5"25 Bay Reservoir,1/2" OD Chrome Barbs, 7/16 ID tubings.

Major PC Components:

Intel Core i7 920, ASUS P6T, Team Xtreeme 3x1gb DDR3 1600 CL8, ASUS 4890.

Phase 1: Repaint the motherboard tray.

Everything were taken down, drill out the rivets to take out the PSU cage for painting and cutting jobs.

Picture above show that the old surface was rusted. It was then being sanded to prepare the surface for spray painting.

The paint station being setup and the paint job has started. Picture above was taken during the mid of paint job.

The final product was quite statisfied by me, at least my first spray paint job went through succesfully.

Post another shot to conclude phase I, it had when through succesfully, the paint job were good and everything went on well. I shall proceed to phase II which involve cutting the top panel to fit 3x120mm radiator next week.

There are change of plan according to the original plan, instead of going for Black-Gold theme, I decided to make it full black and sent it to powder coat to make it pure black edition Stacker. Here are some pictures after the powder coating job and initial built.


Front view with the Bitspower bay reservoir, Scythe Kaze Master, Multifunctional Bay Panel etc


Top View with AC Ryan 3x120mm rad grill.


Shot of interior of the built with all hardware installed inside. With water cooling components, case accessories and PC Hardware.


Close up shot of CPU block, Pump, and Radiator.


The Stacker revamp project have been done 90% so far, there are still to be minor changes in future such as PCI slot covers, Top radiator compartment rear cover, and better cable management. After changing the radiator to MCR-320QP from MCR220-QP I got around 5-10c (depends on ambient) improvement over the previous setup. I can achieve 3.99ghz OC with HT off at core temp at around 66-72c LinX stress test.

Below are more pics of the project: