Monday, April 20, 2009

Something I made to save table spaces.

Recently surfing around the web and see others people's invention to save spaces for a small table. After searching around the market for sources and materials, I made an U-Shaped acrylic mini table alike rack to solve this problem. Its hard to find this kind of thing in the market, especially made by acrylic.

Pictures above shows that how it really help out to save spaces for a table, you would slide the keyboard to bottom of you LCD monitor easily when you need the table space for other job.
The acrylic rack are made using 10mm acrylic and strong enough to hold certain amount of weight, but its not suitable for CRT monitor for sure. I currently got 2 units available for sale as I've made 3 units of it. So if anyone interested, you can contact me for details. Pricing are around RM 85 (contact me to nego).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Recent Purchase

My Recent loot:

Its DLink DGS-1005D Gigabit Switch and Cruzer Contour 16gb Pendrive.

My room is officially GigaLAN now, making the file transfer between my link station and PC faster than ever.

The 16gb Cruzer Contour is a high speed pen drive, now i can move my media to my pendrive faster than ever... !!! LOL...

New Pump, Danger Den CPX-Pro

Its been a while since the last post. Well I've update my PC a bit. Removed DVD-ROM, better cable management and a new smaller and stronger pump, the DD-CPX Pro 18W pump. Temperature decreased by few Cs due to lower heat dump from the pump compare to D4/D5.

Let's the pictures do the talking: