Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How To Jump Start an ATX Power Supply Unit

To jump start an ATX Power Supply is an easy process, before proceed with this guide, please remember safety first, I will not responsible for any damage or injuries as a result of this jump start mod, please make sure you have proper tools as well.
Why we need to start an ATX PSU without motherboard ?
Well doing so gives us a test base to test new hardwares, without fear of damaging our system or frying our CPU(mainly benefits those with water cooling system when doing leak test or bleeding the system). It makes testing and swapping around devices much more easier. You could even use a second PSU to power devices in your main rig, should you run out of molex's (which is probably not needed these days as ATX PSU tends to come with more molex nowadays).
Other than that, we also can use it as a 12v,7v and 5v DC Power Supply just in case we need to power up some 12v,7v,5v DC devices instead of buying an Standard Switching Power Supply or 12v adapter. We can get a regular ATX Power Supply (ayam brand ) for around RM30-50 which is way more cheaper then Standard Switching Power Supply and yet much more useful than a Power Adapter which deliver fairly low wattage.
Tools needed:
Plier, Jumper Wire, Cutters.

Picture above shows part of the tools that we need for this guide. A plier, and jumper wire, cutter missing when this picture was taken.

First of all, we cut out a jumper wire using cutter and strip of the protection layer on both end. Twist and make it like the picture above.
After done with the wire, take out the PSU that wanted to be start without the motherboard, short circuit the green and any of the black wires. Picture above shows that I short-circuited the green wire with the nearest black wire.
To determine whether the PSU being started or not, I connect a fan to the PSU to verify it.
After turn on the power on the wall socket, the PSU successfully started, the trick successfully workout.

For long term usage, we can custom made an ATX power on connector as shown by picture above from electronics store.

The custom made ATX Power On Connector in action. The connector come with some price, the mod guide above are much more economies way.

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