Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lets Built A Silent PC, Sound Insulating My PC

Recently I've been annoyed by the sound generated by D4 pump and cooling fans of my PC, especially when the ceiling fan in my room running in low speed, the "humming" and "whinning" sound make me uneasy with it.

So I've came out an idea to silent the noise generated while not sacrificing too much cooling performance by using industrial grade sound insulation foam and downvolting the fans.

Pictures above shows that the sound insulation foam I am going to use on the project.

The foam attached to the side panels.

The foam attached to the bottom part of the system.

The concept of using those sound insulation foam is to prevent noise generated by vibration. As we know, vibrations generated by pump and fans tends to generate noise when came into contact with metals. The sound insulation foam's capabilities of absorbing those vibrations will definately making sure that there are no noise generated caused by vibrations.

Next we proceed to downvolting part. As we know, our Power Supply Unit(PSU) used for our PC able to provide 12V,7V, & 5V DC voltages.

From the pic, we can see that there are 4 wires in our standard 4 pins molex which used in every PSU.

To work with 5v mode, we connect the red wire(+) of the cooling fan to the red wire and black wire(-) to the black wire of the molex.

To work with 7v mode, we connect the red wire(+) of the cooling fan to the yellow wire and black wire(-) to the red wire of the molex.
I tweaked mine to 7v mode so that I get decent air flow and low noise from the fans.

Fans tweaked were 2x2000 RPM which cooling the radiator. The intake and exhaust fan were controlled by a fan controller which come with PC-A6010.

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